I’m a lover of learning, building, and sharing.

Since I can remember, I’ve been by my mom’s side learning how to cook and by my dad’s side learning how to build things. Along the way, I had a friend take me to yoga, and now I practice every day and teach to both kids and adults. Life is always an adventure–from making french toast, to refinishing hardwood floors, or learning how to press into handstand. I’m here to share it all with you.




Gift Me Time to Digest

I’m currently in a yoga “master’s program” called The BIG Upgrade. 300 hours of continued education over the next year. Today is the end of weekend 1. My brain is full of information. My cup is overflowing. I want to share it with you, and you, and you, but I need time first. Time to

Give Yourself What You Need

This week, I’ve been taking the time to find out what I need in my body, and in my life. (I also watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy, and that didn’t really help, but it pass the time during the Snowpocalypse of Houston.) I thought I needed to workout more, so I took back to

Can I get a ride?

I went to West Texas after the 10 day road trip, titled: Well, At Least It Only Goes Up From Here. Being stuck in Pecos TX was tough without taxis, buses, or Uber. Here’s a picture of me riding in the cab of a truck of a man I randomly asked for help. Seriously, the

Magic Road Trip

Road trips are the best. Or the worst. This time, it was the best. Good intro Ben! The morning after Christmas, we flew to San Francisco and jumped into our Escape Camper Van to go to 5 National Parks in 10 days, finally arriving in Denver. Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Arches, and Canyonlands. We

Rediscover Everything

I feel like I’m at the age where I’m no longer in discovery of new things. I’ve seen mountains, I’ve learned about the Voyeger 1 & 2, I can cook well, and now I’m just cruising. And it’s so easy to say “oh I know everything I need to know for my life” when I’m

Christmas Break

I’m taking a short Christmas break from Teaching yoga to travel through the Western USA and hike national parks, sleep in 11 degree weather, and eat out of he back of a campervan. I’ll be back teaching regularly 1/6/2018. Until then, here’s a playlist of sweet soultry jams. Miss you my Sunday crew, Happiest of


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