Rediscover Everything

I feel like I’m at the age where I’m no longer in discovery of new things. I’ve seen mountains, I’ve learned about the Voyeger 1 & 2, I can cook well, and now I’m just cruising.

And it’s so easy to say “oh I know everything I need to know for my life” when I’m faced with possible growth and opportunity. But what I’m really saying is “I know enough to make the minimum of this part of my life and I’m choosing to stick with it.” Like my friend who settles for making bad tasting coffee every morning because she doesn’t move herself to discovering better coffee.

Yuck. NO. STOP IT NOW. There’s magic and growth still available to you. Continue to learn by being open to REDISCOVERING EVERYTHING you do. Start by making small changes to be in the EXPLORATION of your life. Switch your toothbrush to your other hand. Rearrange your furniture. Drive a different route to home from work. Make better coffee! Read more “Rediscover Everything”


Christmas Break

I’m taking a short Christmas break from Teaching yoga to travel through the Western USA and hike national parks, sleep in 11 degree weather, and eat out of he back of a campervan.

I’ll be back teaching regularly 1/6/2018. Until then, here’s a playlist of sweet soultry jams. Miss you my Sunday crew, Happiest of Holidays and Happy New Year, too. See you all soon.

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Not-Nasty Gluten Free Pancakes, 3 Ingredients

First, I am NOT gluten free. And I keep finding recipes that are gluten free for my yoga friends who have the dietary restriction/preference (I was raised too poor to have a food allergy (this is a joke (with multiple embedded parenthesis))). Most of these are GROSS. Like this or this. So if I’m posting about a gluten free recipe, it’s going to at minimum, equal to the gluten-full standard recipe.

Ok. So. I love to eat as much fluffy bread as I possibly can, all the time. I have the best Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix from Sam’s Club. But even with that, I still go back to my old pancake recipe when I was bulking up a few years ago (that I just realized was Gluten Free) because it’s NOT-NASTY, fluffy like Krusteaz, has good fiber for pooping, tastes like yum, and has a bunch of protein.

Wait. Pause. I know. Me. Lean body Ben is bulky compared to what my genes want me to be. I was 5’10”, 90 lbs of skin and bones after highschool. I struggled to put on weight. Struggled to eat more. Even now I’m back in bulking mode and it’s hard. So I have to find ways to get protein without eating tons of bland chicken. Read more “Not-Nasty Gluten Free Pancakes, 3 Ingredients”


What are you REALLY committed to?

Why do I go to yoga?To work out.

Why do I want to work out? To stay healthy.

Why do I want to stay healthy? To live longer.

Why do I want to live longer? To experience more of the world!

Why do I want to experience more of the world? (Because Houston is such a paradise right? Yeah? Maybe? Haha) To learn from people and cultures and share experiences with others.

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