Listen To Your Body

You know that feeling when you agree to something and all of a sudden your body slumps over and you make a sour face. Ya. You made a choice with your brain that your body is rejecting. Meaning you justified what you just agreed to, even though you really don’t want to do it.

I KNOW IT SUCKS. I do it all the time too. Like when I justify going to yoga instead of doing my real estate exam prep, and I walk to my car after class with my tail between my legs in shame. Or like when I agree to hang out with someone who I have guilted myself into hanging out with because I want to be liked. Or when they get my coffee order wrong and I don’t have the confidence to say something about it, so I’ve got this face of failure as I walk out.

DON’T LET THIS BE YOU. Recognize the signs when your body is telling you NOOO! It can be as obvious as a slumped body or sour face. So, in moments where you’re feeling a bit awkward about a choice, close your eyes, tune yourself inward with a deep breath, and listen for your gut feeling. You have the answer in your body. I promise.


Sunday 11/19/2017 Powerful Flow Jams playlist below: