Not-Nasty Gluten Free Pancakes, 3 Ingredients

First, I am NOT gluten free. And I keep finding recipes that are gluten free for my yoga friends who have the dietary restriction/preference (I was raised too poor to have a food allergy (this is a joke (with multiple embedded parenthesis))). Most of these are GROSS. Like this or this. So if I’m posting about a gluten free recipe, it’s going to at minimum, equal to the gluten-full standard recipe.

Ok. So. I love to eat as much fluffy bread as I possibly can, all the time. I have the best Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix from Sam’s Club. But even with that, I still go back to my old pancake recipe when I was bulking up a few years ago (that I just realized was Gluten Free) because it’s NOT-NASTY, fluffy like Krusteaz, has good fiber for pooping, tastes like yum, and has a bunch of protein.

Wait. Pause. I know. Me. Lean body Ben is bulky compared to what my genes want me to be. I was 5’10”, 90 lbs of skin and bones after highschool. I struggled to put on weight. Struggled to eat more. Even now I’m back in bulking mode and it’s hard. So I have to find ways to get protein without eating tons of bland chicken. Read more “Not-Nasty Gluten Free Pancakes, 3 Ingredients”


French Toast

French Toast is such a treat. Seriously, it’s like a hearty pancake dessert. And most of you reading this post, admit it, you never even consider to make french toast in the morning because it’s labor intensive, right? I mean we’re in the time of the Avocado Toast generation. Trust me though, waking your partner up to go get avocado toast isn’t as romantic as making french toast for your partner while he/she is sleeping. Trust me.


Bread – 2 slices
Milk – a large splash
Egg – 1 large
Vanilla Extract – a splash
Cinnamon – a lot of dashes
Syrup – a lot
Bourbon – a splash
Butter – for the pan
Avocado – none

Quick, let’s talk about the ingredients. There are many recipes out there that ask for brioche, but who the hell has brioche in their house on the daily? Nobody. If you do, you can probably afford avocado toast, too, so go on and get outta here. For the rest of us peons, use a hearty dense bread, like this HEB Essential Grains Bread. And for the milk, I’m using almond milk. You can use any milk, 2%, whole, coconut, whatever floats your boat, it’ll turn out the same.

Step 1: Mix your egg, splash of milk, splash of vanilla, and a few (or more dashes of cinnamon). A lot of recipes say you should leave your bread out overnight to let it dry out, but nobody thinks about French Toast the night before. Honestly, you should be watching Game of Thrones or something (I don’t, but you can).

Step 2: Dip the hearty bread into the custard mix. Drop it in, and take it out FAST. If you leave it for too long, it’ll disintegrate and be extra soggy. So dip and go!

Step 2.5: I always add more cinnamon on top. Why? I love cinnamon. Seriously, add more.

Step 3: Oh this is so crucial DO NOT SKIP—Put the french toast in the fridge for about 5 minutes. This will help the custard set aka let the bread soak up the juice aka no sloppy soggy French Toast. You can use this time to make coffee, the syrup in the below steps, water your houseplants, if you don’t have any, use this time to find your nearest Garden Center.

Step 4: Heat up a cast iron skillet, I put my stove to medium-high-ish, waited for the skillet to get hot, and then put some butter down. Yes wait for the skillet to get hot. Then spread the butter around to fit the size of your French Toasts. Check for a good amount of browning before flipping. When both sides are brown, move it to a serving plate.

Step 5: Now for the syrup. I use Grade A Maple Syrup. I mean, we’re adults now, keep Aunt Jemima at the store. AND THEN ADD A SPLASH OF BOURBON. A little goes a long ways, don’t be a lush. This is optional of course, but I work from home, so…yeah.

Step 6: You should have some berries on hand at all times. Cut it up and put it on top. The fruit cuts through the sweetness of the French Toast. This should not be optional. Also, look how much better it looks.



Your Kitchen is ALIVE: Stocking the Fridge

Welcome to the first installment of Your Kitchen is ALIVE series. I believe the Fridge is the most important part of your kitchen, the one that takes up most of your time and attention. I know…I’m asking you to put in some effort here, to keep things in stock, to inventory. UGH you’re already dreading it. But here’s what’s worse: Going grocery shopping every time you cook to pick up ONE INGREDIENT. Not cooking because it’s too much work and picking up the same Whole Foods Hot Bar Food AGAIN. Spending all your money on ordering food that you don’t know what they put in it. So put on your trousers, and go to the store once a week, and keep a properly stocked fridge…I believe in you.

Also, here’s a trick I’ve learned: Put everything in the same place. When you take something out, put it back in the same place. For example, eggs are always on the top row to the left, vegetables are in the slide out tray, fruit in the right drawer, meat in the bottom tray, etc. Once you do this, you’ll be able to check on the CATEGORY to inventory before you grocery shop. Read more “Your Kitchen is ALIVE: Stocking the Fridge”


Your Kitchen is ALIVE: A Guide to Kitchen Essentials…

Believe it or not, your kitchen is a living breathing organism. You have to feed the fridge with fresh produce and meat, give the stove a good wash every week or so, and continuously care for the space so it can in turn, supply you with happiness. I mean that’s why you have a dog, right? Or maybe you’re a cat person? Well, maybe you don’t see your kitchen this way yet, but trust me, when you do, it will shift the way you feel about cooking, especially if you’re always dreading it.

Welcome to the Your Kitchen is ALIVE, a series to introduce you to the essentials for your kitchen, so you are ready to cook almost anything, at any time, without waste. And by essentials, I mean just that and nothing more (I’m looking at you Ina Garten and your request for madagascar vanilla bean infused sugar or fresh clams specifically New Zealand Cockles…How easy is that?..oof). Read more “Your Kitchen is ALIVE: A Guide to Kitchen Essentials for Everyday Cooking”