Starting from Scratch, Part III: Tom’s House

Next door to my house is my brother’s house. How cute is that…brothers living next door to one another…am I right? We have always joked about living next door to one another, but never seriously thought it would happen. Then it happened. The opportunity presented itself, and we said yes. This is what the houses looked like when we bought it, my brother’s on the right: Read more “Starting from Scratch, Part III: Tom’s House”


Starting from Scratch, Part II: The Cottage

Look at the picture up there first. Like look at it. I know. It’s in shambles. And we did this to ourselves.

I remember the first time walking into the cottage aka mini-house aka back house (we have a dozen names for it). There was a giant hole in the floor right when you walked in. The smell of abandonment and neglect was apparent. And then directly in front of me was an open door to the bathroom and the toilet was looking right back at me. Who wants to walk into their home and see a toilet? WHO LIVED HERE? To the left was the bedroom, and to the right was the kitchen. The layout needed some work FOR SURE. The biggest thing is that it felt SO CRAMPED. We needed to open up the space just like the main home.

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Starting from Scratch, Part I: My House

In 2014, my brother, Tom, and I bought two homes. Yes, next door to one another. I’m living in the pastel teal one, and Tom’s in the dull peach colored one. They are sister homes built around 1890-1910. Yeah, like really really really old houses, over a hundred years old. They were in the worst of worst conditions, but the area was perfect. Walkable to downtown, the bayou (which at the time had just started its own renovations). For the next 3 years, we were our own architects, contractors, subcontractors, and we worked to get these houses restored and updated to contemporary design standards, while keeping as much historic quality interwoven as possible. Basically, a shit ton of DIY. Read more “Starting from Scratch, Part I: My House”