Gift Me Time to Digest

I’m currently in a yoga “master’s program” called The BIG Upgrade. 300 hours of continued education over the next year. Today is the end of weekend 1. My brain is full of information. My cup is overflowing. I want to share it with you, and you, and you, but I need time first. Time to unload the information, time to unpack the concepts, time to play with the learnings before I share it.

Life is like that. Information is dumped on me daily. It’s amazing and also can be so overwhelming. I’m an information whore hoard-er and I want it all the time. And at times it’s overflowing. So right now, I’m gifting myself the time to be with the information. Gifting myself the time to digest the information. Otherwise it’ll just be gross and regurgitated in the most unflattering way. A disservice to the teacher it came from.

And sometimes I need a reset. Sometimes we need to walk away from the information. And that’s what the yoga practice is for me. A time to be on my mat to push the reset button. A time to just be with my body and my movements. So I’m gifting myself the time to digest. If you can relate, gift yourself the reset and the time to digest when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Like the silence after OHM, a reset is required to start again new.

Playlist below:


Give Yourself What You Need

This week, I’ve been taking the time to find out what I need in my body, and in my life.

(I also watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy, and that didn’t really help, but it pass the time during the Snowpocalypse of Houston.)

I thought I needed to workout more, so I took back to back yoga classes, two days in a row, and ended up pulling my trapezius muscle or straining the tendon. Right now, I can barely look over my shoulder. I wasn’t listening to my body or giving myself what I needed. Instead, I was on instagram looking at “yoga people” and pushing myself to reach their standards. Yeah, I know, we all do this so often, we take on the ideals of instagram or of others as our own initiatives instead of looking internally to what we really need. And right now, my body requires rest. My body requests Yin Yoga (I’m waitlisted, ugh, I know right?). And in my personal life the opposite is true, I require pushing forward a bit faster and driving a bit harder, and add adding in some discipline. How do I know? From closing my eyes and asking myself. It kinda sounds cheesy, but seriously, instead of being so cerebral about the choices and the next steps, going with my gut feeling is always the right choice. So do that. Listen to yourself. Give yourself what you really need.

And come to Sunday night Jams at 8pm Montrose.

Playlist from tonight’s class, saxophone song included:


Can I get a ride?

I went to West Texas after the 10 day road trip, titled: Well, At Least It Only Goes Up From Here. Being stuck in Pecos TX was tough without taxis, buses, or Uber. Here’s a picture of me riding in the cab of a truck of a man I randomly asked for help. Seriously, the nicest locals there. It reminds me that we are in this together. You me and that other guy and that girl and that kid and that mom and that bus driver and that Ikea stocker. All of us. Live this world as if you know everyone you meet. Be good to everyone. And don’t forget to laugh a lot along the way. Read more “Can I get a ride?”


Rediscover Everything

I feel like I’m at the age where I’m no longer in discovery of new things. I’ve seen mountains, I’ve learned about the Voyeger 1 & 2, I can cook well, and now I’m just cruising.

And it’s so easy to say “oh I know everything I need to know for my life” when I’m faced with possible growth and opportunity. But what I’m really saying is “I know enough to make the minimum of this part of my life and I’m choosing to stick with it.” Like my friend who settles for making bad tasting coffee every morning because she doesn’t move herself to discovering better coffee.

Yuck. NO. STOP IT NOW. There’s magic and growth still available to you. Continue to learn by being open to REDISCOVERING EVERYTHING you do. Start by making small changes to be in the EXPLORATION of your life. Switch your toothbrush to your other hand. Rearrange your furniture. Drive a different route to home from work. Make better coffee! Read more “Rediscover Everything”