Your Kitchen is ALIVE: Stocking the Fridge

Welcome to the first installment of Your Kitchen is ALIVE series. I believe the Fridge is the most important part of your kitchen, the one that takes up most of your time and attention. I know…I’m asking you to put in some effort here, to keep things in stock, to inventory. UGH you’re already dreading it. But here’s what’s worse: Going grocery shopping every time you cook to pick up ONE INGREDIENT. Not cooking because it’s too much work and picking up the same Whole Foods Hot Bar Food AGAIN. Spending all your money on ordering food that you don’t know what they put in it. So put on your trousers, and go to the store once a week, and keep a properly stocked fridge…I believe in you.

Also, here’s a trick I’ve learned: Put everything in the same place. When you take something out, put it back in the same place. For example, eggs are always on the top row to the left, vegetables are in the slide out tray, fruit in the right drawer, meat in the bottom tray, etc. Once you do this, you’ll be able to check on the CATEGORY to inventory before you grocery shop. Read more “Your Kitchen is ALIVE: Stocking the Fridge”