Rediscover Everything

I feel like I’m at the age where I’m no longer in discovery of new things. I’ve seen mountains, I’ve learned about the Voyeger 1 & 2, I can cook well, and now I’m just cruising.

And it’s so easy to say “oh I know everything I need to know for my life” when I’m faced with possible growth and opportunity. But what I’m really saying is “I know enough to make the minimum of this part of my life and I’m choosing to stick with it.” Like my friend who settles for making bad tasting coffee every morning because she doesn’t move herself to discovering better coffee.

Yuck. NO. STOP IT NOW. There’s magic and growth still available to you. Continue to learn by being open to REDISCOVERING EVERYTHING you do. Start by making small changes to be in the EXPLORATION of your life. Switch your toothbrush to your other hand. Rearrange your furniture. Drive a different route to home from work. Make better coffee! Read more “Rediscover Everything”