Not-Nasty Gluten Free Pancakes, 3 Ingredients

First, I am NOT gluten free. And I keep finding recipes that are gluten free for my yoga friends who have the dietary restriction/preference (I was raised too poor to have a food allergy (this is a joke (with multiple embedded parenthesis))). Most of these are GROSS. Like this or this. So if I’m posting about a gluten free recipe, it’s going to at minimum, equal to the gluten-full standard recipe.

Ok. So. I love to eat as much fluffy bread as I possibly can, all the time. I have the best Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix from Sam’s Club. But even with that, I still go back to my old pancake recipe when I was bulking up a few years ago (that I just realized was Gluten Free) because it’s NOT-NASTY, fluffy like Krusteaz, has good fiber for pooping, tastes like yum, and has a bunch of protein.

Wait. Pause. I know. Me. Lean body Ben is bulky compared to what my genes want me to be. I was 5’10”, 90 lbs of skin and bones after highschool. I struggled to put on weight. Struggled to eat more. Even now I’m back in bulking mode and it’s hard. So I have to find ways to get protein without eating tons of bland chicken. Read more “Not-Nasty Gluten Free Pancakes, 3 Ingredients”